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Visit our 20 movie theaters and don't miss our movies in  original version .

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Cinesa Manoteras: the best cinema in Madrid

Cinesa offers you up to 20 movie theaters in the Manoteras Leisure Center. 20 rooms that host the best premieres of Madrid’s box-office. All the movies you want to see, you’ll find in our movie theatre.

The latest movie releases in Cinesa Manoteras

In Cinesa Manoteras movie theatre in Madrid you will be able to see all the greatest hits in Hollywoood cinema, as well as the best of the Spanish and European film industry.

These theatres are equipped with the latest projection equipment. Therefore, if for example, you’d like to watch a 3D film that’s currently playing on Madrid’s box-office, you can watch it in high quality and with the effects that such a production deserves.

Original language cinema in Madrid

Another option offered by Cinesa Manoteras, is that many of the films that make up our movie programme can be enjoyed in their original version. A most interesting resource for those who are learning languages or that simply want to listen to the original tones of voice of their favourite actors and actresses.

Cinema for children in Madrid

Children as an audience have always been one of Cinesa’s weaknesses. Therefore, we always have movie theatres prepared for children to go to see kids’ movies. The best releases in animated film occupy a prominent place in our box-office. This type of cinema is the best to be watched on the biggest theatre projection screens and with the best reproductive systems.

Going to the cinema in the morning in Madrid

Matinée movies are one of the most beloved proposals of the Manoteras Leisure Center movie theaters in Madrid. Yes, it is possible to go to the cinema in the morning. And not only that, but we always offer the most interesting discounts and promotions, to go to our matinées as a family. After that, why not go for tapas in the stores you will find in our shopping center? Or if you prefer you can also eat in different restaurants. Here you will find the best Italians, Japanese restaurants or hamburgers in Madrid.

Dinner and movie night in Madrid

You can actually do both things in one evening. It is possible to see a premiere in our Manoteras movie theatre and then go out for dinner. Or vice versa if you prefer, take a snack and go to the movies later. Be that as it may, we guarantee that in Cinesa you will be able to see the best movies on the Madrid box-office in the best quality. That is the norm in our theatres and we have been doing this for years, since the Cinesa already has a history of more than 60 years as a cinema exhibitor in Spain.