Film and Restaurant Offers

At the Manoteras Centre you will find some of the best restaurants in Madrid. For you to enjoy them, we assure the launch of juicy promotions continuously. That means that there are always interesting discounts in our breweries, hamburgers or in the various restaurants in the mall. We not only have one of the best restaurant offers in Madrid, but we have them at very affordable prices.

And as an ideal complement, there are the Cinesa Manoteras 20 movie theatres. These movie theatres screen all the premieres of Madrid’s box-office are screened. In addition to that, various events take place, and you can watch movies at very attractive hours such as morning or night sessions, in which we will also surprise you with the price of tickets.

In short, in Manoteras you will find one of the best shopping centres in Madrid, with the most varied, fun and cheap options. Take advantage of our promotions in restaurants and cinemas and you will agree with us.