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Lactation room in Manoteras Centre

The Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants Center is designed for the whole family’s enjoyment. And when we say the whole family, we refer to any of its members, regardless of their age. Even the youngest, babies, are welcome at this shopping center in Madrid, which is why we have designed our lactation room, for them and their heir mothers’ comfort.

Fun for everyone at Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants

The name of our shopping center is Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants. We are the place to watch the best movies in Madrid and enjoy a cuisine offer to suite all tastes and budgets.

You will find a highly varied choice in the several restaurants in our leisure center. Here you will find popular places like Vips Smart or prestigious hamburgers such as Hamburguesa Nostra, as well as American restaurants such as Foster’s Hollywood, an Italian such as La Tagliatella or a Japanese such as Wasabi Green. Not to mention the exquisite sandwiches at Rodilla Sandwiches. In short, the best restaurants in Madrid are in Manoteras Center.

But we want to be more than an ideal place to watch movies in Madrid or go out to dinner. We are a leisure center for the whole family. Therefore, amongst our facilities we also have a fun playground for children, as well as wheelchair services for older people. So everyone is welcome at our Manoteras leisure center and we want to make it easier for everybody to have fun.

Mothers and babies in Manoteras

With that same aim, we have prepared a lactation room in Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants. We aspire to be the best leisure center in Madrid, and that is why we want everyone to come and enjoy our activities, including those lactating babies who still do not know very well what a movie or a good restaurant is.

However, their moms do know that, and we do not want them to give up on those pleasures while they are in that special phase of breastfeeding their younger children. For them, their comfort and their privacy, Manoteras Center has enabled a cozy room for breastfeeding.

Take advantage of it and spend an afternoon with the family in the restaurants of our shopping center in Madrid or watching the best movie premieres at Cinesa Manoteras!

Children’s playground at Centro Manoteras

Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants is one of the most dynamic and complete leisure centers in Madrid. A place designed for the whole family’s enjoyment, so it could not miss a fun playground where they will spend the most amazing time.

An afternoon of family fun and cinema in Madrid

The best movies playing in Madrid are always present at Cinesa Manoteras. Of course, among these movies you will always find the most popular children’s blockbusters: Disney factory films, superhero features or the best of animation that children will love.

Due to the joy of indulging in the best movies Manoteras cinemas, it has already become one of the most visited shopping centers in Madrid. Moreover, children can continue having fun in the playground itself after the movie, as it is at your disposal without having to leave the center.

So, if you want your children to have a great time, you know where to go, to the Manoteras Center cinemas.

Recovering strength in the restaurants of the Manoteras Center

Due to the excitement of watching a movie in Cinesa theaters and all the fun in the playground, the boys and girls will no doubt end up exhausted. Therefore, you can complete the experience by having lunch or dinner at the various restaurants of the Manoteras Shopping Center.

Do you want to taste a great burger? Well, here you will find the best hamburgers in Madrid. Or if you want them to eat a refreshing frozen yogurt, at Centro Manoteras you will find La Yogurtería, with the guarantee of the Danone label in all its products.

Not to mention a family dinner in an Italian. Yes, in the Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants there are also the best pizzerias in Madrid.

Fun mornings at Manoteras Center

Not only can you go to the movies at Cinesa Manoteras in the afternoon. During holidays, morning sessions are also scheduled, which is why the priority audience is children. In other words, the films that they like best are played in matinée sessions. If you don’t know what to do on a Sunday morning, what better idea than to go to the movies together? In Manoteras you will find the best blockbusters in Madrid, a great playground and several restaurants to eat as a family. Doesn’t this sound like a good plan?

Free WiFi service at the Manoteras Center

Who conceives leisure without being connected to the internet nowadays? Nobody, and neither do we. That’s why in Manoteras Cinemas and Restaurants, as one of the most important leisure centers in Madrid, have decided to offer free access to our Wi-Fi network to all visitors. So here you will not have to worry about being connected or not, because if you want you can enjoy access to our free Wi-Fi.

Wifi at Manoteras to watch movies at Cinesa

You may want to go to the cinema but haven’t had time to take a look at Madrid’s premieres. Do not worry, because you can go to Cinesa Manoteras and there, in any of its 20 screens, you will be able to watch that movie you wanted. And thanks to the free Wi-Fi service you will be able to know more about that film, consulting everything you want to know on the internet. Or if you have doubts at our cinema’s ticket offices, check the internet for more information, so you can choose the premiere that you like the most.

And when you leave the cinema, do not hesitate. Connect again and upload your views on the production you’ve seen on social networks. But of course, do not forget to tell your friends that you have seen it in the Cinesa Manoteras cinemas, which are among the busiest cinemas in Madrid.

Enjoy the restaurants at Manoteras and share the experience

You can also take advantage of the free WiFi service of our shopping center in Madrid when choosing between different restaurants. If you connect you can view many customers’ reviews of the places on offer.

The truth is that you can read comments in order to choose the best food, snack or dinner. If you are into sandwiches, check what others before you have said about the great sandwiches at Rodilla Sandwiches. Or if you love Italian places such as La Tagliatella and do not know what combination of pasta and sauce to choose, look for the internet’s favorites, and they will give you clues of what you will like the most.

The same applies if you want to see the information about the rest of Manoteras restaurants. That is, Foster’s Hollywood, Wasabi Green, Smart Vips or Hamburger Nostra. In short, we understand that it is difficult to choose since the best restaurants in Madrid are present in Manoteras. So take advantage of the free WiFi to choose where you’ll dine that night.

And of course, be generous and share a meal with your colleagues and families, since you can upload your photos to Instagram or Twitter, to make all your contacts envious. But above all, when you finish, do not forget to add your comments about your experience. Help everyone know that in Manoteras you can enjoy one of the best shopping centers in Madrid.

Wheelchairs in Manoteras Center

In Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants we have taken accessibility to all our facilities very seriously. It has always been considered when designing our accesses, elevators, ramps or parking. And in addition to that, we offer a wheelchair service for anyone who needs it. From elderly people to others who may suffer temporary injuries.

The aim is that nobody finds any barriers when it comes to enjoying the best films in Madrid at Cinesa Manoteras. You mustn’t have any problems to taste the varied gastronomic proposals at our restaurants either.

Going to the cinema in a wheelchair

If you need it you can access the 20 theatres at the Manoteras cinemas in a wheelchair. You just have to notify the staff and they will indicate the locations designed for you. You have no excuse not to come to the cinema!

Accessibility at Manoteras restaurants

We are the kind of people who think that leisure is very important for everyone, regardless of their age, tastes or physical conditions. This is why the range of restaurants at Manoteras center covers a wide range of cuisines, from the oriental Wasabi Green to the western Foster’s Hollywood. However, we also include Italian, Mexican and, of course, the more Hispanic flavors in the form of tapas and rations.

Even though we cover the appetites of different ages and tastes, we think that people with physical disabilities who need to resort to a wheelchair must also have access to these delicacies. Therefore, in all Manoteras premises you can move around with a wheelchair and we will book the necessary space for our clients.

Manoteras, a leading shopping center in Madrid

We aspire to be the best shopping center in Madrid. Something that is not only achieved by having the most impressive movie choice in Madrid cinemas, the most varied cuisines in our bars, as well as substantial promotions to enjoy our Cinesa theatres and restaurant menus at unbeatable prices.

To be among the best leisure centers in Madrid, we must also cater for all types of public. And here we comply with details such as the accessibility plan for the entire building and the possibility of moving around in a wheelchair without any problems.

Contact us


Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center is open to receive all your suggestions and ideas for improvement, as well as your queries or claims if there were any. Therefore, we basically provide two open contact channels. One is by telephone.
We will gladly assist you if you call us on 91 383 04 61.
Or if you prefer you can send an email to our email address: We will read your message and we answer as soon as possible.

More contact numbers

The Manoteras Center is made up of different businesses. So here we will also provide you with a contact list of each of the restaurants or the cinemas in our shopping centre in Madrid.

Restaurante Rodilla Phone: 91 495 10 00
La Yogurtería Danone Phone: 902 18 09 57
La Tagliatella Phone: 91 384 43 61
VIPS Smart Phone: 91 275 14 53
Foster’s Hollywood Phone: 91 768 23 57
Wasabi Green Phone: 913 02 84 48



Enjoy the cinema at Manoteras

In the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center, we share your great passions: gastronomy and cinema. That is why we have the best films in their original language, with the most advanced technology and the most modern and comfortable facilities. Be the first to enjoy the latest releases of Madrid’s billboard, in a leisure center designed for the whole family and with a large team of professionals that will give you a unique experience every time you visit.

Discover the best cinema in its original language in Madrid

We are in the city of reference for fans of cinema in its original language. And not only that, but the theaters of the Cinesa Manoteras concentrate the largest offer of this type of films in Madrid. In them you will find a proposal that includes the blockbuster hits of Hollywood and European cinema, with films in their original language and subtitled in Spanish.

We have 20 movie theaters, with 4,000 seats and spread over 4 floors, of which 7 theaters show films in their original version. However, those who prefer dubbed movies can also enjoy them, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening sessions.

All of them are equipped with the latest in digital technology: Dolby surround sound, giant screens that ensure the highest quality projections, digital 3D system and comfortable and spacious seats.

Discounts and offers at the Manoteras cinema

In the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center, we are not satisfied with offering the perfect facilities for the whole family. We also invite you to discover all the advantages of choosing our movie theaters in Madrid.

One of these benefits is the Cinesacard, the loyalty program by the Cinesa group. With this customer card, every time you go to the cinema you will accumulate points that you can exchange for tickets, menus, discounts and much more. Order it online now, through Cinesa’s website, and pick it up at the box office, ready to use and for just €1. You will also receive 60 welcome points and 45 g of free popcorn.

Do you still want more discounts on your ticket? If so, we invite you to take advantage of the offers of the movie discount day. With the Miércoles movie promotion, watching your favorite movie will only cost you €5.90 every Wednesday except holidays (VIP seats, 3D projections and Dolby theaters have a surcharge). Discover the best cinema in Madrid at the best price!

And for your total comfort, we offer you options such as multi-channel ticket sales: take your ticket online, at ATMs or at the mall and save time. In addition, on all floors you have two elevators that will take you directly to the ticket offices and to the entrance to the rooms, which you can also access by escalators from floors -2 and -1.

Cinemas in Madrid with all the comforts and services

The access to the cinemas is on the same floor as the restaurants. There you will also find a bar where you can buy soft drinks, snacks, sweets and, of course, some appetizing popcorn. With them, the movie will seem even better. And if you get an appetite in the middle of the session, there is no problem. Now, you do not have to go downstairs if this happens, we have recently opened another bar on floor 1. So, you can give yourself a little treat without losing a detail of the film.

On the other hand, we are aware that you may need other services and facilities during your visit. Well, we have them! In our shopping center you will find everything you need to spend a day with the whole family: breastfeeding rooms, a playground for your children to have a great time, bicycle parking, shoe cleaning service, wheelchairs, music…

We could not forget our offer of restaurants in Madrid. Before or after the movie, you can have a drink in more than 10 establishments that are at your service. If you have little time, choose between a fast food restaurant or one of our hamburgers, breweries or tapas bars, where exquisite proposals await, prepared with ingredients of the highest quality and at very affordable prices.

Do you fancy an unforgettable meal or dinner? In that case, you have a table waiting for you in the best Italian, Mexican and Japanese restaurants in Madrid. Even if you want to give yourself a sweet and healthy treat between hours, Danone’s Yogurt Parlor will be a success. There, you will be able to taste yogurts, ice creams, milkshakes and many other snacks that will surprise you.

In the Manoteras Shopping Center, you have more than 2,000 m2 of first-class restaurants, ideal for an evening to suit your taste.

Get to our cinemas in Madrid by car

Although you can easily reach the Manoteras Shopping Center by public transport, we also give you the option to visit us in your own vehicle. Therefore, we have a parking with 980 parking spaces and managed by Indigo. If you come to see one of our movies, the parking will only cost €1.85 the first 3 hours and, after that time, for 3 cents every extra minute. How does that sound?

And that is not all: besides having your car well-guarded while you watch the movie, the staff of Indigo offers you the possibility of washing your vehicle. Win time with this service and collect it when you leave our cinemas in the center of Madrid.

You can access this parking in Manoteras from two points: from Calle Fuente de la Mora or from Avenida Manoteras. You choose!

For all these reasons, the best cinemas in Madrid in original language are in the Manoteras Shopping Center. Come and see us with your children, as a couple or with friends: whatever your plan, here you will have the best cinema premieres in Madrid, bars, restaurants, parking spaces and all the services that you and your loved ones need. Visit us from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 01:30 am, Fridays, Saturdays and days before national holidays from 11:00 am to 03:00 am, and on Sundays, from 11:00 am to 01:30 am. You will love it!

Eat healthy at the Manoteras restaurants

At Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center, we work towards a very clear aim every day: to take care of you and your loved ones during your free time. This is why we not only bring you the best cinemas in their original language, but a great array of bars and restaurants in Madrid too. You will find an extensive menu full of delicious gastronomic proposals in all of them that, in addition, will allow you to eat in the healthiest way possible.

Whether you want a quick snack or to sit down and dine, here you will find everything you need. Access more than 2,000 m2 with premises and establishments in which good cuisine is king.

Discover the best hamburgers in Madrid

Nutritious, practical, full of flavor … and healthy. Hamburgers are like this at the Manoteras Shopping Center. Therefore, we have partnered with the best national and international fast food restaurants.

One of them is the American chain Foster’s Hollywood. Since its creation in 1971, it specializes in quality American food, with specialties such as grilled ribs, French fries with original toppings and, of course, its juicy gourmet burgers, freshly-made and accompanied by delicious side dishes. And if you are vegetarian or vegan, do not miss out on the new Veggie Burger, an exquisite vegetarian burger made with brown rice, quinoa and beans. You can even choose gluten-free products, perfect for coeliacs.

Do you fancy hamburgers with a national touch? If so, visit Hamburguesa Nostra, a Spanish chain born in 2007 and specialized in the best Argentinean, Iberian and American meats. Taste any of the 30 types of beef, cow and beef burger recipes, created by the best chefs and without sulfites, gluten or added fats. Choose yours and combine it with the ingredients you want!

You will also find premium burgers at VIPS Smart, a chain of quality fast food restaurants with 50 years of experience. All the hamburgers on the menu are made of certified Galician beef, without preservatives or additives, and accompanied by chips or salads, for a healthier lunch or dinner. You even have a selection of options to eat light and balanced. In addition, you can order mixed dishes, pizzas, starters, salads, sandwiches…

And since we are talking about these tasty sandwiches, we recommend you visit Rodilla Sandwiches, with incredible and imaginative hot and cold recipes presented in a tender sliced bread. Once you have discovered its menu, you will understand why this chain of restaurants has been at your side for more than 80 years.

Italian restaurants in Madrid to surprise your date as well as yourself

Who can resist authentic Italian food? Made with simple ingredients and inspired by Mediterranean cuisine, although combined with love and imagination the dishes from the Transalpine country are considered one of the best in the world.

In the Italian restaurants in Manoteras Shopping Center, you will be able to taste the gastronomy from the Bel Paese, with the most traditional dishes and other much more creative suggestions, prepared as the nonna would.

One of the options to enjoy Italy is La Tagliatella, a chain of Italian restaurants and pizzerias present throughout Spain. Generous portions, an extensive menu that includes antipasti, salads, fresh pasta dishes, Italian pizzas and desserts as well as an impeccable service explain why it is worth booking at this cozy Manoteras restaurant.

You can also get close to Italy at la Tagliatella, a catering firm with more than 40 establishments that guarantee a very special experience. In Manoteras you can try delicious dishes, such as pasta, starters, pizza and risotto, and feel as if you were in an authentic trattoria while traveling through the Italian geography and delighting your taste buds. Ti piacerà!

Learn more about our international cuisine options

Do you want to try other even more exotic flavors, but without giving up the benefits of Italian food? If so, a pizzeria where you also have an appointment with the pleasures of Mexican food, such as burritos or tacos. Chosen as Business of the Year 2017-2018 and with more than 70 stores in operation, this restaurant chain stands out for offering first quality products from only €3.90. Place your order at the bar, and the restaurant staff will take it to your table.

As could not be otherwise, the Manoteras Shopping Center also has one of the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid: Wasabi Green. Get ready to taste the most genuine oriental cuisine, with specialties such as sashimi, maki or sushi, with impeccable service and at the most tempting price. Only then can you discover Japan without leaving Madrid. Konichiwa!

Get acquainted with tapas in Madrid at Manoteras

If you feel like a dessert or a snack, come to The Danone Yogurt Parlor, where you can savor ice creams, yogurts, smoothies and other good and healthy delights.

For greater comfort, all our bars and restaurants are on the same floor, so you only must worry about choosing the one you like the most. As you can see, you will find a gastronomic offer that includes healthy dishes, prepared with quality raw materials and the best price in all of them. Do not give it another though: come to the Manoteras Shopping Center and live a truly unique foodie experience.

Get to know Manoteras Shopping Center

We welcome you to the most complete family leisure center in the district of Hortaleza, in Madrid: Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center, a 13,000 m2 space designed for you.

Since we opened our doors for the first time, in 2007, we have been working every day to offer you a unique choice of entertainment. Here you will find the best bars and restaurants, movie theaters with films in their original language, parking spaces and additional services for a perfect experience. Only then can you enjoy the most delicious cuisine in Madrid, a movie billboard with all the premieres and the comfort of a space that does not lack a single thing.

Discover everything the Manoteras Shopping Center offers and live a special day with your family, your partner or your friends. Do not think about it anymore: everything is ready to surprise!

The best cinema in its original language in Madrid

We are proud to have one of the best cinemas in Madrid. In the Cinesa Manoteras cinemas, you will find 20 movie theaters with nearly 4,000 seats and distributed over 4 floors, where you can enjoy the latest Hollywood and European cinema releases.

And that is not all: 7 of these movie theaters only offer films in their original language, subtitled in Spanish. Ideal for seventh art lovers! However, if you prefer dubbed movies, we also have them. Choose between the latest highest grossing flicks, with the highest projection quality, Dolby surround sound, digital 3D technology, large screens and many other advantages.

You can easily access Cinesa Manoteras cinemas from the restaurant floor, where you have a bar where you can buy soft drinks, sweets and, of course, crispy, freshly-made popcorn. Do you fancy something while you are watching the movie? No problem: so, you do not have to go downstairs, you also have a new bar on the first floor.

Discover the best restaurants in Madrid

A family birthday, a meal with friends, a dinner with your partner, some quick tapas before an evening at the movies … Whatever your plan, in our restaurants in Madrid you have the ideal menu for every occasion.

Choose between a dozen restaurants, distributed in 2,038 m2 and with all kinds of suggestions.
We also offer you several fast food restaurants in Madrid, always with dishes and recipes prepared with the best ingredients. In addition to some of the best American burgers and gastronomic chains, such as Foster’s Hollywood, you also have hamburgers and national top-level snack bars, such as Rodilla Sándwhiches, Hamburguesa Nostra or VIPS Smart. Who said fast food was not healthy?

Are you tempted by the idea of traveling around the world through your taste buds? If so, you will like to know that here there is also room for international cuisine. For example, you can taste the best of Italian cuisine at La Tagliatella, one of Madrid’s most popular Italian restaurants. Do not be intimidated by its naming. That is right: we assure you that you will not be able to reject the options that you will find in its menu. Buon appetito! In addition, you can also choose the latest Italian restaurant in Madrid in Manoteras.
The offer is completed by Wasabi Green, one of the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid for its selection of sushi, maki, yakitori, sashimi and other delicacies that will transport you to the country of the Rising Sun through your palate. Of course, we have also prepared a special something for dessert, for a snack or healthy treat in between meals: the Danone Yogurt parlor, where you can taste yogurts, ice cream, shakes, smoothies and other recommendations that everyone will like.

For your total comfort, you have all these restaurants grouped on the same floor. Forget about going up and down stairs and only worry about trying the most irresistible dishes.

Parking spaces in the center of Madrid

Even though the >Manoteras Shopping Center is perfectly communicated by public transport, you may prefer the convenience of visiting us by car. So that you do not waste your time trying to park in the center of Madrid, we make 980 parking spaces spread over 4 floors available to our customers. In all of them there are 2 elevators to go up to the floor where the ticket offices are and create a direct access to the cinemas and restaurants.

In addition, on floors -2 and -1 there are escalators, in case you prefer to use them instead of the elevator and the conventional staircase.

Managed by the Indigo company, this car park offers special rates for residents and professionals working in the Hortaleza area. They also have very reduced prices for those who visit the shopping center. For example, if you come to watch a movie, the first 3 hours of parking will only cost you €1.85 with your ticket. After that time, 3 cents per minute will be added.

Prepare to enjoy the day with the peace of mind that your car will always be guarded, safe and in good hands. And if you want to take advantage of your stay in the shopping center, the parking staff can take care of cleaning it.

Additional services for a perfect day

To ensure that your experience with us is even more satisfying, we offer other additional services to suit you: breastfeeding room, children’s play area, bicycle parking, shoe cleaning service for professionals working in the area, Free Wi-Fi connection, background music, wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility … Can you imagine it?

Do not think twice: go to the Manoteras Shopping Center and treat yourself to a few hours with your loved ones in their restaurants and cinemas. You will discover why we are one of the most visited shopping centers in Madrid. We are waiting for you!

The advantages of visiting Manoteras Shopping Centre

In a city with such an extensive leisure offer, it is not always easy to decide what to do on the weekend, or where to go. Now, although the options are countless, the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center has all the ingredients so that you can spend a perfect day with your family, your partner or your friends. Want to know more about its advantages?

We are aware that there are many shopping centers in Madrid, but none like ours. Not all are equal, and we want you to know about our value proposal, that is, what makes us unique. Thus, we ask you to look at 10 good reasons why you should visit Manoteras (and that will make you want to see us again on future occasions). Pay attention!

10 reasons to visit Manoteras

You will surely find many more, but here are some reasons why you cannot miss our shopping center in Hortaleza.

    1. 20 movie theatres to choose fromOr what is the same: around 4,000 seats spread over 4 floors, so you can enjoy the best cinema premieres. On the billboard of the Cinesa Manoteras theaters, you will find the highest grossing Hollywood and European films, so you can be the first to watch all the latest releases on the big screen. Choose your favorite movie, at the time you prefer: you will surely nail it.


    1. We are leaders in the projection of movies in original version in MadridMovie lovers often agree: what better way to watch a movie than in the language in which it was shot to appreciate all its layers in detail? Well: in the Cinesa Manoteras, you will find 7 screens projecting films in their original version subtitled in Spanish. No other cinema in Madrid gives you that many! In any case, if you prefer dubbed movies, here there are numerous proposals for a family audience too.


    1. The latest in digital technology and maximum comfortIn addition to the best movies, we also offer projections in the highest quality. The theatres of Cinesa Manoteras, opened in December 2014, are equipped with Dolby surround systems, large shaped screens, digital 3D systems … In addition, its facilities have seats with an optimal adaptation to the spine, for total comfort. And since we are talking about comfort, you will like to know that we have enabled a new snack bar on the first floor, so you do not have to go downstairs if you want to have a drink or a snack in the middle of the movie. You will live a real movie experience!


    1. More than 2.000 m2 of restaurants in MadridThe Manoteras Shopping Center has some of the best restaurants in Madrid. Here you will find Italian restaurants, Japanese and Mexican cuisine, fast food … Choose between hamburgers and quality fast food establishments such as VIPS Smart, Foster’s Hollywood, Hamburguesa Nostra or Rodilla Sándwiches, establishments dedicated to Italian cuisine such as La Tagliatella, international restaurants such as Wasabi Green, a Japanese restaurant that will convince you; The Danone Yogurt Parlor … Book your table.


    1. An ideal shopping center for familiesIf you are looking for plans in Madrid with children, you will love it. Attend our matinées with your youngest (or the first session in the afternoon) and, on the way out, share a nice meal, snack or dinner with them in our restaurants. The menu is full of culinary options that will excite your kids: fresh pasta dishes, pizza, gourmet burgers made with the best quality meat, yoghurts, ice cream … They will surely want a second serving! In addition, you also have a playground and a breastfeeding area.


    1. Several additional services: your comfort comes first!At the Manoteras Shopping Center, we are not satisfied with putting the best bars and restaurants at your disposal: we want every visit you make to be perfect. Therefore, we offer various additional services designed to make it even more enjoyable: children’s play area, breastfeeding room, bicycle parking, footwear cleaning service for professionals working in the area, piped music, wheelchairs for people with reduced mobility, free Wi-Fi throughout the premises…


    1. Around 1,000 parking spacesWe know how difficult it can be to park in Madrid. Therefore, Manoteras Shopping Center has 980 parking spaces managed by Indigo, and special rates for residents and professionals working in Hortaleza and its surroundings. Those who come to the movies or spend a pleasant time in our restaurants can also benefit from very adjusted prices. Thus, the first 3 hours of parking will only cost €1.85 (thereafter, 3 cents will be added for each additional minute).Do you want to take advantage of your leisure time in Manoteras to wash your car? No problem: the parking staff will take care of leaving your vehicle ready so that when you go to pick it up, you will find it spotless.


    1. An area that is perfectly connected to the city of MadridWe are in Avenida Manoteras, 40, in the residential area of Sanchinarro and in the district of Hortaleza. If you decide to come and see us by public transport it will be fairly easy. You can get to the Manoteras Shopping Center by bus (line 150), by train (Fuente de la Mora stop, line C1 of Cercanías de Renfe) or by metro (Fuente de la Mora station, line ML1). It cannot be any simpler!


    1. Extensive opening hoursWe work every day to adapt to you. That’s why we have extensive business hours. You will find our center open from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 1:30 am, Fridays, Saturdays and holiday eves from 11:00 am to 03:00 am, and on Sundays, from 11:00 am to 01:30 am, uninterrupted.


  1. Always at your serviceSince the opening of the shopping center in 2007, our main aim has always been your satisfaction. Therefore, we are very attentive to your needs and suggestions. Contact us and send us your comments: we will be happy to assist you and help you.

Discover the best cinemas and restaurants in Madrid

In the Manoteras Shopping Center, a universe of fun and tailor-made fun awaits you. Come and check it out for yourself: surely it will not be the last time you visit us!

Discover the services of Manoteras Shopping Center

In the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Shopping Center, you will find the best original version cinemas, as well as one of the best array of restaurants in Madrid, so you can enjoy quality cuisine.

In any case, we want to be the best shopping center in Madrid and go one step further, so that each visit is simply perfect. To do so, we have launched numerous services and amenities, so you do not miss out anything. We will tell you about them below.

The best cinema in its original version

At Manoteras Shopping Center, you will find Cinesa Manoteras cinemas, with 20 movie theaters equipped with the latest advances in digital technology. Out of all of them, 7 screens are intended to view films in their original version with Spanish subtitles, so you can follow the plot without missing a detail. Moreover, if you want to have a snack during the screening, you have a new bar on the first floor, so you do not waste your time going up and down stairs. How does that sound?

Restaurants in Madrid to enjoy

We welcome you to more than 2,000 m2 with the best restaurants in Madrid. Choose between Italian restaurants, such as La Tagliatella, with delicious Mexican specialties; quality fast food establishments such as Hamburgesa Nostra, Foster’s Hollywood, VIPS Smart or Rodilla Sandwiches, the Japanese restaurant Wasabi Green, the Danone Yogurt Parlor

Regardless of the time of day or your dining preferences, here you will find menus, and a la carte lunches and dinners that will exceed your most demanding expectations. Even if you are vegetarian or vegan, are looking for gluten-free foods or, simply like to eat healthy, there is an option for you. And of course, with flavors that will surprise you.

Book your table!

Brestfeeding room

The Manoteras Shopping Center is designed for family leisure, including the smallest. We know that any family outing can alter your children’s meal or sleep schedules. For that reason, and to help you avoid such a situation, we offer a breastfeeding room, where you will find all the comfort and intimacy you need to breastfeed your baby at any time.


We have no doubt that the kids will have a great time with the range of family movies screened at the Cinesa Manoteras cinemas. Accompany them in morning sessions (on holidays) or evenings with the great Disney premieres and other cartoon films that will excite children and adults! Without a doubt, seeing their favorite characters on the big screen will be a very special experience for them. However, we want this feeling to extend beyond the movie theater. To do so, we have recently opened a playground.

This area has games for children that will keep them entertained, with all the security measures so that your peace of mind is total.

Wheelchair service

If you or one of your companions have reduced mobility, here you will not have to worry. Just contact our staff and request a wheelchair. They will provide it immediately and without extra charge, so that all of you will live an unforgettable experience. In the Manoteras Shopping Center, we do not put barriers to fun. In addition, all our facilities are accessible to the elderly or people with functional diversity.

Bicycle parking spaces

Do you want to come to Manoteras by bike? Good choice! In addition to be an ecological, economic and very practical means of transport, here you will have a place to park your bicycle. Come and see us by bike (or with the means of transport you prefer) and calmly enjoy your visit.

Free Wi-Fi

This shopping center is perfect to disconnect … only if you feel like it. In fact, who can imagine a day without Internet? At least, we cannot! That is why we offer free access to our Wi-Fi network for all visitors. In the Manoteras Shopping Center, you will not have to worry about whether you have run out of data from your monthly rate or if you do not have coverage. Browse when you want and how you want.

If you come with the kids, this service is ideal for them to watch videos on the phone or tablet. And if you are thinking of watching one of the premiered films in Madrid, you can look at the online reviews, the plot and all the details about the movies you are interested in. The same happens with our restaurants. In this way, your choice will be a success. You can even upload your selfies and group photos to your profiles on social networks (do not forget to tag us and send us your comments: we would love to know if you had a great time with us).

Shoe polishing

Although we always try to look impeccable, the weather sometimes plays against us. In fact, who hasn’t been surprised by a storm when they were wearing their best shoes? In any case, we have the solution: with our shoe polishing service, you no longer have an excuse not to look perfect from head to toe.


We are aware of what it means to park in Madrid. Therefore, we offer you 980 parking spaces, at very favorable prices. In fact, if you come to watch a movie or eat with us, the first three hours of parking will only cost you €1.85 in total (3 cents will be added for each additional minute thereafter). And for your comfort to be absolute, you can access this parking in Manoteras from Calle de la Fuente de la Mora or from Avenida Manoteras.


Take advantage of your visit to gift yourself with the best cinema in Madrid with original version movies, spend an evening at your favorite restaurant … or make your car look brand-new. While you enjoy our facilities, you can request a car cleaning service at Detail Car. Thus, when you return home, you will find it as fresh as it were directly out of the dealership. Try it out!


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