The Best Restaurants in Madrid

Which are the best restaurants in Madrid?

Restaurants at the Manoteras Centre

At the Manoteras Centre, you will not only find the most current films on the Madrid box-office screened in the Cinesa theatres waiting for you. There is also a dozen select restaurants that make this place one of the best shopping centers in Madrid. Do you want to know which establishments are part of the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Centre? We present them heres:

Foster’s Hollywood

One of the most historical burger restaurants in Madrid is Foster’s Hollywood. A type of American restaurant in Madrid founded by Americans settled in Spain who longed for the food of their country. Therefore, everything here tries to reminisce a North American environment, from the decoration to the flavours of its famous burgers, steaks or grilled ribs. A piece of U.S.A. in the heart of the Manoteras Cinemas & Restaurants Centre.


La Mafia se sienta a la mesa is a restaurant inspired by the best Italian cuisine and the cinematic mafia. A winning combination, even more so considering the place where it is located, as there are only restaurants and cinemas. In short, this is the most suitable combination after watching a movie in Cinesa Manoteras , sitting at the table like the mafia would and enjoy one of the best Italian restaurants in Madrid.

La Tagliatella

Another of the best Italian restaurants in Madrid is also located in Manoteras. It’s La Tagliatella. A place created especially for group enjoyment. Of course, you can have a romantic dinner there as a couple and then watch a movie in the Cinesa movie theatres. But the abundant portions and the great pizzas of La Tagliatella invite you to share among groups of friends or family. If you do not know where to celebrate something, this is the place.

La Yogurtería Danone

Within the restaurants of the Manoteras Centre, Yogurtería Danone is something else. A great family-friendly and youthful place to eat yogurt. But not any yogurt. It is curated by the most famous brand in Spain, Danone, recognized due to the quality of its products and its continuous evolution. And within this company’s evolution we find their Yogurtería, where you will taste unique frozen yoghurts which are available fresh too, smoothies, liquefied, etc. The paradise of yogurt in Madrid.

Rodilla Sándwiches

The Rodilla Sandwiches restaurant can be considered one of the most historic sandwich bars in Madrid. Its origins go back almost 80 years, and since then it has not stopped creating unique sandwiches. Therefore, they have set up a menu with dozens of options for all tastes. Without a doubt, a good place to have a drink before or after going to the cinema in Madrid.

VIPS Smart

VIPS Smart is the new restaurant concept by the classic Vips. A place where you can eat fast if desired, at a very reasonable price, and yet it is possible to do it in a very healthy way and with high-quality ingredients. No more and no less. That is what the VIPS Smart in Manoteras proposes, a concept that has been called “fast casual” and that you must try.

Wasabi Green

The most exotic of the Manoteras Centre restaurants is the Wasabi Green. One of the most visited Japanese restaurants in Madrid. Why? Due to its varied selection of sushi, sashimi, maki, yakitori, and other Japanese delicacies. All of them are faithful to the spirit of Japanese cuisine, its ingredients and its production processes. But at a very economical price. In this way anyone can enjoy these unique flavours.
These are our food and drink options. Choose the one you prefer today, check out the movie listings in Madrid and come to Manoteras Centre to enjoy a fun and tasty evening.